This subscription-based monthly membership to Chicadita’s Social Media Engagement Club for Facebook™ will provide you with lessons and sessions designed to help the small business owner succeed on social media.

Sign up before 7/31/20 and pay just $9.99 per month.  That’s probably less than most business owners’ coffee (or tea) budget! Read our terms and conditions for more details.



Do you feel like your social media marketing is an uphill be battle? Between the constant changes and fickle analytics, it can be difficult to use successfully without at least a little help.

The top metric on Facebook™ is your engagement score. Most small businesses average only a 3% engagement score which means their content isn’t being seen by the majority of Fans they worked so hard to get. Business owners can’t afford to waste their time and effort like that. They have better things to do, like manage their business!

Chicadita’s Social Media Engagement Club is a subscription-based monthly package designed with the DIY small business owner in mind.  Each month, you will learn a new tool and/or tactic targeting Facebook engagement success paired with universal marking sessions to help you with the creative elements you need for maximum social presence!




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