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online facebook for business workshop


This course teaches business owners (and their employees when needed) the basics of utilizing Facebook as a marketing tool. Start with a few basic tools, move on to setting up and optimizing a Business Page, and demystify the hashtag here!

This course contains 5 lessons and 20 modules.

Most modules consist of a video and content-related homework to practice and apply the skills taught in the module.


  • Welcome/Account Access
  • Key Access Tools
  • Profile vs. Page
  • The Complete Business Page
  • Posting Basics

You will have access to this course for 30 days after completing your purchase.  During that time, you will be able to watch, rewind, and re-watch the videos within the modules as many times as you wish.


3 students enrolled

Course Materials

Internet Connection, Personal Facebook Account (

Table of Contents


1. Welcome to Facebook for Beginners

1.1 Access Your Facebook Account

1.2 Write Down Your Facebook URLs

1.3 Follow the Leader

2. Facebook's Key Access Tools

2.1 Facebook Mobile Apps

2.2 Global Search Bar and Common Buttons

3. Facebook's Profile v. Page

3.1 When to Use a Personal Profile

3.2 When to Use a Business Page

3.3 Let’s Talk People

4. The Complete Facebook Business Page

4.1 Facebook Page Settings

4.2 Facebook Page Template

4.3 Introduction to Facebook Insights

4.4 Facebook Page Messaging

5. Facebook Posting Basics

5.1 Switching Between You and Your Business

5.2 Hashtags on Facebook

5.3 Developing a Post Plan for Facebook